Lords Mobile Calculator

This calculator would let you enter your current set-up and will show the number of days needed to complete T4 research, as well as T5 research, Familiars and troops.

The number of gems shown, are the gems used to get speed-ups, to complete the research.

The cost of the gems is also shown, using an average of 1$ for each 4000 gems. The most cost effective bundle is "Let's Celebrate" (17K Gems + ~5d Speed-Ups), with around 4800 Gems per 1$.

Troops creation require Boot Camp bundles, this is more cost effective than using gems, and equates to 6800 gems per 1$.

T4 Units

T4 Units require all buildings up to Academy 25, Economy research tree, and Military research tree, gaining a total of 65 million might. Getting 30% subsidy on T4 units would add up 90 million might.

The following table shows the times required to unlock T4 units, starting from zero, using 280% research boost and waiting for 30 helps. To enter your current set up click on T4 Calculator

Speed-Ups Gems $$$ Might
Military Research: 1397d 1.9M 466$ 53M
Economy Research: 203d 274K 68$ 7.2M
Buildings: 344d 461K 115$ 5.5M
Total: 1944d 2.6M 649$ 65M

T4 subsidy is an optional but important research, specially for producing a Rally Trap. Each million of T4 requires 3.5 Billion resources, this research would save more than 1 Billion resources for each million troops created.

Counters research is a great option after unlocking T4 units, it requires 5600 Archaic Tomes, which are around 112$, on top of the 176$ needed for the speed-ups.

Speed-Ups Gems $$$ Might
T4 Subsidy: 2757d 3.7M 920$ 99M
Counters: 528d 706K 288$ 24M
1M Troops: 369d 578K 86$ 36M
T5 Units

T5 Units require Gear reseach tree and the Lunar Foundry building. Including Archaic Tomes, it costs around 1000$, using 280% research boost and 30 helps discount.

Speed-Ups Gems $$$ Tomes
Gear Research: 1759d 2.3M 587$ 20K (403$)
Lunar Foundry: 140d 189K 47$
Total: 1900d 2.5M 634$
Familiars Research

Familiar research has been broken on the research needed to unlock each pact.

Familiar Battle research has been broken on the research needed to unlock each battle slot.

Pact 4 represents a big jump on research time, Familiars on pact 4 also require skillstones to activate. Pact 3 is more cost effective than Pact 4. On the same way the Battle slot IV requires a research time even greater than T5 units unlock.

Speed-Ups Gems $$$
Pact 3: 43d 60K 15$
Pact 4: 882d 1.2M 300$
Pact 4+: 2855d 3.8M 950$
Slot III: 844d 1.1M 280$
Slot IV: 2309d 3.1M 770$
Total: 6559d 9.2M 2.3K$
Troops Training

A Rally Trap, like the one below, can be created with 500$ using "Boot Camps" bundles, which is the most effective way to train troops. Please, keep in mind that 3 day and 1 day speed-ups are more cost effective than using several 15, 8 or 3 hours speed-ups, it is convenient having enough capacity on barracks to use 1 day speed ups for T2 and 3 day speed ups for T4.

Click on Troops Calculator to calculate the amount of speed-ups/Gems required to train a desired amount of troops. It is also possible to select between predifined Solo and Rally Traps.

In adition to this it is possible to enter your current speed-ups inventory, and simulate the use "Boot Camp" bundles.

Might: 246M
Required: 3.3M (500$) / 2000d
5.6B 3.7B 3.7B 3.7B 2.3B
Reptilian Rider
Heroic Fighter
Heroic Cannon.
Ancient Drake